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LionizePride.com: An Interactive E-Newsletter for Surfers

Sign-up, contribute content, and have it distributed worldwide for free

ORLANDO — NOVEMBER 5, 2008 — Lionize PR, an Orlando-based public relations and marketing firm specializing in the surfing community, today announces the launch of LionizePride.com. E-mailed to opt-in parties throughout the world, the e-newsletter’s content will be a combination of major news and reader submissions with embedded links if available. Sign-up and provide content at www.lionizepride.com.

“LionizePride.com is an avenue for publicity for those who can’t or don’t want to write a press release, don’t have the resources to pay someone to write one, or don’t know how to get it front of people who could read it,” stated Ryan Marks, president of Lionize PR. “While we’ll incorporate major news into the mix, I hope it will be utilized by the brands, the people and the organizations that could benefit the most from free publicity.”

Based on the concept that lions form social bonds called prides to hunt, educate and survive, LionizePride.com was born. By spreading the word about recent happenings, surfers have an avenue to contribute to the community instantaneously and have it broadcast worldwide.

“What I’ve found is that there is a ton of people who contribute to the surfing culture, but don’t necessarily have a medium to broadcast their successes,” stated Marks. “I want to give a voice to all those people in the most effective manner possible.”

E-mail is still the most effective form of marketing based upon studies by JupiterResearch with 87% of the online community spending their time reading e-mails. That is 17% more than the next most popular reason to use the Internet, which is for search.

Editor’s Note: For stickers, electronic images and samples contact Ryan Marks at 407.242.8548 or ryan@lionizepr.com.

About Lionize PR
Lionize – (verb) to exalt and make known as an object of great interest and importance. We are a full-service public relations and marketing firm specializing in the surfing industry, with an emphasis on manufacturers and suppliers to the global market. Our team has over 10 years of experience managing marketing initiatives for public and private companies with market-leading technologies and products. We offer a full range of marketing services, including branding, public relations, advertising, copywriting, graphic design, media placement and campaign management. To learn more, please visit www.lionizepr.com or call 407.242.8548.