Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6, 2009 Lionizepride Newsletter

Completed Surf First surveys for a few of my surf spots... or are they breaks?? It's easy; go do it.

Local Scenes:

A Bikini From Dane Reynold's Trunks --- Owl Chapman Sues TSJ and lost --- Triple match point in ping-pong decided Nixon's High Tide Hold 'Em; more coverage from Brendon Thomas --- Checking in with John "The Hungry Walrus" Maher --- Jon Coen's wife is a trooper (look who got the pics?) --- Think Clark Little understands the power of PR? Images --- Hey Cali surfers!! --- A Standup World --- Aaron Chang's Solana Beach gallery ---

World Scenes:

Contact Allen Malone at TW BIZ for special pricing on Ads, tell him Ryan from Lionize sent you --- Women's pro surfing world tour schedule might be headed for a wipeout --- RUSTY Releases it's First SUP ---


Web Analytics for Social Media --- Would you rather have your own social network or virtual world? I can make the social network a possibility, but the virtual world sounds way too expensive --- 4 points to consider when tackling Twitter --- Pope says to give up social networking "It's the devil!!" ---

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