Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 5 Ws & The H

I began Lionize PR in part because I’ve always felt that if you didn’t stand for something, you’d fall for anything. I’m a surfer and that lifestyle permeates Lionize. I’m also an entrepreneur and that drive guides Lionize.

While the left and right brain dominate at different times, it wasn’t until 2008 that they coalesced into Lionize PR. I also wanted to make sure we could provide a value to our clients and that takes experience- mix in Dustin Markland, our creative director, and we’re talking the chemistry of success.

Where we claim: the North End (Va.), CB (N.C.) and NSB (Fla.). I’ve met a wide range of people along the way and they’ve all been impactful in the way I view life. Those philosophies allow me to do what I do. Really that is the essence of PR, building relationships for opportunities.

PR is not the Wizard of Oz behind an opaque curtain pulling strings and puffing smoke. We’re not a weekly conference call or a monthly retainer. We’re specifically focused on surfing, the same way an optometrist is focused, sorry for the pun, on the eyes and eyesight. As doctors began to specialize, I foresee PR doing the same, and we’re jumping to the front of the line. I believe in PR and I believe in our clients, which is why I didn’t name the company Ryan Marks & Associates, or something. We take our clients to the next level and that is what every PR firm should do.



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